I know you have no time to read. Perhaps these videos will steal less of your attention. Play them while you check off other items on your to-do list and casually listen for a kernel of insight.
Or, watch all three with a bucket of popcorn and a close friend. Either way, they are here... for you... always.

I'm reticent to write further as I've recently been tipped off to an Internet meme that directly affects me. As a long-time reader, you know that I'm prone to incorporating tangential information around the core message of these journal entries. Some may say I get off track. Others may exclaim they could not manage a bitter pill without it first sunk in honey.

At any rate, the meme is this "tl;dr." It means, "too long; didn't read." When I learned of it, I felt a pain deep in my abdomen. I think my gall bladder pulsed and threatened to explode. Why this particular phrase upset my gall bladder, I cannot know. But I will say that I pledge to keep these entries as brief as the rest of my organs will allow.

However, if I do go beyond what you're willing to consume in one sitting, then please, by all means, send me a comment with four hurtful letters halved by a single piece of punctuation. Then, I will know.

Your weekly reduction!

Videos focused on developing foods and beverages with Sodium Reduction in mind.

Uniqueness of Modified Wheat Starch: Improved Flavor and Salt Perception

The Lab Trials and Tribulations of Sodium Reduction in Meats

Meeting Consumer Demand and Formulating Sodium Reduction in Food Applications

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