Dietary fiber. We've been told time and again that it is essential to good health. I pledge to you now that I am not here to contradict that argument today. I am here however, to commend those of you burning the midnight oil to determine new ways to weave more fiber into your formulations and ultimately into our, the greater population's, diet.

Dietary fiber, soluble or insoluble. Bring it on!

I can hear my grandmother reminding me that I need to eat "ruffage." "You need your ruffage, boy." I don't mean to make my grandmother out as an angry ruffage dictator. She was definitely more of a ruffage therapist with the demeanor of a kindergarten teacher. I always thought ruffage was just lettuce, but come to find out, it's all kinds of fiber.

So, here's to you, food scientists. To resistant starches! To inulin! To oligosaccharides!


Your weekly reduction!

Articles about dietary fiber uses in food product development and formulation.

A clinical trial shows athletes can run for 14% longer in hot conditions after being given probiotics.

People who get more fiber in their diet are less likely to have a stroke than those who skimp on the nutrient.

QualiTech inclusions provide a delivery system for fiber with consistent look, feel and taste, and can mask flavor and consistency issues associated with adding fiber.

A new coffee attempts to capitalize on its positioning centered around digestive health.

While milk consumption continued its freefall, yogurt introductions would appear to be picking up the slack.

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