OK, you're smarter than me. I don't have an immediate frame of reference for acidulants nor phosphates, but I do know that they are instrumental in many of your formulations. They are not to be overlooked! So, dig into their make-up. Better yet, allow me to offer insight from my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day. He writes, "Malcolm, it's very simple. Acidulants contain an overarching acidic component and phosphates are neon and combustable."

I share this with you to let you in on the kind of person I must deal with on a regular basis. It's maddening! He is a whole-hearted fool who never smiles. Ugh, the toll it takes to withstand his company. This cannot go on! I mustn't wield this forum like a mace against a single soul who transforms every day of my life into a powdery puff that floats away on the wind. It does not concern you. Why should it.

You are here for news and trends and questions answered.

It shall be! Enough!

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