I've only broken one bone in my life, and I attribute that fact to genetics and my mother's insistence on my steady regimen of dairy products. Milk, yogurt, cheese... what are we to do without cheese. Not enough can be said for this product. It's safe to say that cheese is the most magnificent product known to man. I'm certain data exists to prove it, if that's what you need to believe.

Why not just believe, though? I know, you're scientists, and your method has little to do with belief. Something either is or is not. There is no probably. In which case I say cheese is probably the most magnificent product known to man. How can that be argued? It can't. No need to waste time. Let's move on.

Here we have a sprinkling of news and trends pieces about dairy products. I urge you to learn from them and bring your ideas to fruition. You! As I've said many times before, you product developer, you make the world go 'round! Keep it spinning! For all of our sakes!


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Articles concerning Dairy in food product development and formulation.

The dairy known for its Splash of Fresh Flavor is debuting five varieties of lactose-free milks.

With the improvement of its consumers' standard of living, China's domestic organic market has great potential, according to a Reportlinker report.

Three quantitative microbial risk assessments (QMRAs) recently published have demonstrated that unpasteurized milk is a low-risk food.

Consuming cheese and other dairy products may help protect teeth against cavities.

UCLA researchers now have the first evidence that bacteria ingested in food can affect brain function in humans.

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