Meals and sides. How can one possibly choose? Lucky for us, we rarely need to throw our lot in with one or the other.

They're a pair! Meatloaf and mashed potatoes! Fried chicken and biscuits! Lobster and melted butter! A hot dog… and a other hot dog! Never a choice. Nothing left behind. There's no status fluctuation between meals and sides. Sure, the main dish may initially steal all of your attention, but soon after the sides provide balance and relief from main course monotony. Yay! Glazed carrots! Praise you, butter beans!

Meals and sides are yet another example of balance in life. Everything in its place. No waste. No neglect.

People sometimes suggest to me that my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day is my sidekick, my side as it were, and I am the protagonist, the meal. To that I say, come now, don't drop into psychosis so easily. I do not spend enough time with Sherwood Day to call him a sidekick. In fact, I desperately avoid him at all costs. Would Sherlock Holmes behave in such a way toward Dr. Watson? I think not. Batman and Robin? They were close as far as I could tell. Sherwood Day and I are not like meals and sides. We are more like appetizers and desserts, two entities loosely related yet separated by that which basks in the limelight. We operate on the fringe opposite of each other.

I would never suggest meals and sides maintain such a foreign existence. Never!


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