Believe it or not, there are people on the planet who do not like soup. I imagine there are a handful of people off the planet, astronauts and what have you, who do not like it as well. In their defense, soup in space has got to be a difficult proposition. Perhaps one of you dear product developers out there worked on astronaut soup. Did you? If you did, please, please leave me a comment about it. I would love to hear that story.

It's hot now, and few of us are considering soup at the moment. Those of you down under, get to slurping your grilled shrimp mulligatawny. Though summer is still upon us, we must begin thinking of the comfort of soup on a cold day. There is hardly anything better. The snow outside. The steam from a bowl of split pea and ham inside. Your childhood friend and current neighbor knocking on your door to ruin the entire experience with pleas for dinner companionship. Uggh. It's so tiresome. All I want to do is enjoy my thoughts of soup on a cold night without being bombarded by the inevitable presence of Sherwood Day, who is, if you were not aware, my childhood friend and current neighbor. My goodness. I've lost all intensity.


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