At this very moment, I have an absurd number of hot peppers growing in my garden. I don't know why I planted them. I'm allergic, and I otherwise have a relatively low tolerance for spicy food. That characteristic separates me from average, modern American consumers. 

American eaters love spicy foods these days. I remember when I started in the food industry, American consumer trends nearly always hinged upon convenience and a mild palate. Now, though, big flavor and big spice are integral to the success of many new food and beverage products. 

Who am I telling? You know all of this. My only reason for relaying this information is to offer continued support of your confidence and knowledge of industry trends. You already know these things. I'm not revealing anything new. However, you must love having someone tell you that you know a tremendous amount about a subject. 

I don't mean to play to your weakness. Truly, I don't. By they way, is that a new fragrance you're wearing?


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