I must say that as a food consumer, an eater, I am never not in love with a dish that is laden with acidulates and phosphates. My stomach grumbles like I'm smelling movie theater popcorn as I think of the deliciousness that acidulates and phosphates bring to the foods I consume.

Sarcasm aside, my understanding, and certainly yours, is that these multi-syllabic ingredients bring a subtlety to flavor that we would sorely miss should they be omitted. I imagine that as you sit where you are now, scanning this page, you have the guidelines of a project curving around your brain. You're preoccupied with it, no doubt. And this is your leisure reading? Come now, dear food scientists and R&D kings. Take a breath. Read a Lee Child novel or something.

Before you go, please, have a look at the articles and videos below from Prepared Foods. There is just entirely too much here to help jumpstart your project ideas, and to help pry yourselves out of what appears to be a barricaded dead end.

Go forth! The tools are here!


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Amino Acid Supplement May Boost Elderly's Muscle Mass
A supplemental beverage used to treat muscle-wasting may help boost muscle mass among the elderly.

World Acidulant Market
Processed food forms the third largest segment in which acidity regulators are used as food additive.

Flaxseed Feed Produces More Nutritious Cow's Milk

Only the Beginning for Omega-3s

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Bisulfate of Soda — Natural Acidulant

A Technical/Solutions Presentation...
Traditional Meat Acidification with a New Generation Powder Lactic Acid

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