I watch my belly grow everyday. Sometimes I think, oh, I just ate, that is why it is round. And then I see it first thing in the morning and I realize, no, there is no food in there. It is simply round and becoming more so. What shall I do to combat my swelling abdomen? I must manage my weight! I must manage my caloric intake! I must toughen my weak spot for salty snacks and candy! I look to you to assist me!

You've been reading the journal long enough to know that I am no match for impulse eating. I think cracker, I eat cracker. I cannot stop myself. And then you come along and make the cracker okay for me to eat. You don't attempt to change my behavior, you simply fit a healthier option into my routine, my willful inertia.
You have saved me from myself! Please continue your good work! Find compelling work and inspiration from your peers below!


Your weekly reduction!

Formulating weight management food products.

Biting Commentary
Children appear to be more socially aggressive and disobedient when they have to hold and bite their food than when they can use utensils and chew it.

Health Trends Among Young Children
New research shows cheese, hotdogs, whole and 2% milk are among the top foods and beverages contributing to saturated fat and sodium intakes of toddlers and preschoolers.

Obesity and Cognitive Function
A new University of Illinois study finds that obese children are slower than healthy-weight children to recognize when they have made an error and correct it.

Tired of 'Junk' Food
A diet that with high quantities of junk food makes a person more likely to feel fatigued and become sedentary, according to research.

Whole Grain Hydrocolloid Composites Impact Satiety

Mushrooms to the Rescue: The New Earth and Turf

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