OK, here it is. I lick my finger and press it into the salt corralled into the corner of an empty pretzel bag. I do it. I do it every time. If I'm in the presence of another while I engage in this practice, the person looking on is usually horrified.

— How can you do that to yourself?

— You're right. I should be unhappy.

Salt brings a giddiness about me. I have a salt-tooth. I've had it since I was a wee thing dipping dill pickles into a pile of salt in my palm at the municipal pool. I recognize though, especially that I am now entering a stage of life in which a crippling heart condition could be around the next corner, that salt, sodium, that is, can put a hurt on all that works to help blood get around a body. That's why I always drink a big ole thing of water each time I indulge in my finger-in-pretzel-bag-salt-corner behavior. It's like chugging a mouthful of ocean. Most people gag at the idea, whereas I typically make a point to drink from the sea each time I visit the shore. It's the cradle of life!

All this said, it's you, dear product developers, who have once again risen to meet the needs of those who want their salt and eat it too. You've managed to give us a great salt taste without too much of the real thing. Magic. Sheer wonder. Keep it up! You are leading the charge to a world where all is possible. All at once! Happiness and health!

Your weekly reduction!

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Salt provides flavor, texture and preservation, along with other critical functional elements across multiple prepared food categories.

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Nestlé plans to accelerate the reduction of salt across its brands around the world in an effort to support a World Health Organization salt intake target.

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