New research offers a solution to the functional problems involved with retarding mold growth on cheese. A study funded by Dairy Management Inc.[tm] (DMI) addresses the challenges in using natamycin, an effective antimicrobial preservative approved by the FDA for use in the food industry. Particularly beneficial when used on shredded cheeses, natamycin nevertheless is difficult to apply, since it is highly insoluble in water. Its stability degrades as cheeses age and when it is exposed to UV light, such as the fluorescent lighting in dairy cases. Researchers discovered that forming molecular inclusion complexes of natamycin with cyclodextrins increases natamycin's solubility and chemical stability. More than 90% of the natamycin remained in the aqueous solution and was more stable, a condition that was also helped greatly by careful product packaging. Research is ongoing. Dairy Management Inc., 800-248-8829,