The addition of animal fats in foods helps to improve the quality, flavor and consistency of the final product. Proliant's Frozen Beef Tallow and Frozen Chicken Fat are domestic, USDA-approved products that add body, enhance aroma and improve mouthfeel in a variety of applications. The Proliant Ingredients Division assists leading food developers worldwide.
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Unique formulation challenges can be addressed by a leader in the confectionery fats, nutritional ingredients, specialty grain-based products and specialty powders for the bakery, beverage confectionery, meat and poultry, and prepared foods segments. Ingredients such as soy protein crisp rice, Astral® E1 coating fat, multi-colored flakes, Vitamin E powder, PAC-STAR® pregelatinized rice flour and FYTO™ 90 sterols are suitable for foods such as energy bars and cookies. Another product, PAC-TILLA® PLUS, serves as a dough conditioner, texture enhancer and shelf stability extender for wheat flour tortillas.
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Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) function as healthy, rapidly digested fats, flavor carriers, emulsifiers, solubilizers, release agents, anti-stick agents, shelf-life enhancers and trans-fatty acid-free PHVO alternatives. Stepan Company's expertise includes its sophisticated ester technology, custom product development and advanced manufacturing and oil deodorization capabilities.
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A special blend of oils that hardens to a nut-like texture when baked, is helping manufacturers cut their costs in formulations, such as cookies, that contain macadamia nuts. Cargill Refined Oils and a subsidiary, Wilbur Chocolate, have introduced NUT-NOTS™, which add a nut-like texture in baked goods and also help the milk proteins in the product to brown slightly so the inclusions look like macadamia nuts. The oil-based extenders are flavored to enhance the eating experience.
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Omega-3 can provide substantial health benefits by lowering triglyceride levels and maintaining a healthy heartbeat. Roche Omega-3 LC PUFA can be tailored for use as a health-promoting ingredient in applications such as breads and rolls; dairy products, including milk drinks, yogurts and cheeses; egg substitutes; fish products; prepared meals, pastas; salad dressings; soups; snack foods; and nutrition bars. The ingredient can be easily formulated into healthful foods and beverages, without altering sensory profiles.
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Egg yolk is an emulsion,a dispersion of oil droplets in a continuous phase of aqueous components. Egg yolks contain a number of emulsifiers, including phospholipids and lecithin and are often used in various foods to hold liquids and fats together. For this reason, egg yolk or whole egg is an essential ingredient in mayonnaise, salad dressings and sauces, candies and cake batter that contain fat.
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New on the market is a revolutionary low-trans shortening technology that helps to minimize or prevent reformulation (in cookies or other products made using this technology). The low-trans shortening from Bunge Foods can be “dropped” into many food manufacturers' current formulas.
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High stability oilshelp stabilize oxidants in processed goods, which helps extend shelf life. Durkex High Stability Oils achieve maximum stability without any added antioxidants. Other applications include their use as an anti-dusting agent for dry mixes and seasoning blends, a carrier oil for flavor dispersions and a protective coating for dried fruits and nuts.
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A high-quality, made-to-order, shelf-stable chicken fat processed as a primary food ingredient, not as a by-product, can be used in any formulation where a natural fat is needed for mouthfeel or for flavor carry-through or binding. International Dehydrated Foods Inc.'s Chicken Fat has lower PVs and FFAs than is typical and the low moisture content helps ensure microbiological and chemical stability. Antioxidants are added per customer specifications.
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Antioxidants prevent the formation of off-odors, flavors and tastes when added to food products. Tenox® antioxidants, supplied by the Eastman Chemical Company, are available in various combinations and ratios, dissolved in food grade solvents. These products are kosher, manufactured under rabbinical supervision in full accordance with Jewish dietary law.
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A wide range of lecithin and specialty phospholipids for oil/water emulsions helps to produce a consistent emulsion in margarines, spreads, salad dressings and baked goods. For more information, please contact the Lucas Meyer Inc. division of Degussa Texturant Systems.
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Cottonseed oil enhances, rather than masks, the fresh natural flavors of foods. Its high level of antioxidants (vitamin E) contributes to long life in the cooker or on the shelf. And, since cottonseed cooking and salad oil is naturally stable, hydrogenation is not necessary for most uses.
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Soybean oil is adaptable to a wide variety of fat and oil applications, such as margarines and shortenings. Soybean oil is also an important ingredient in products such as salad dressings and breakfast cereals. Among the benefits this oil provides are a neutral flavor, good nutritional profile and a competitive price.
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Gum arabic is used to encapsulate flavors, emulsify beverages, boost soluble dietary fiber, coat candy shells and control water in baked goods. TIC Gums' Pretested® TICorganic™Gum Arabic is organically grown and harvested in Africa and spray dried at the company's headquarters in Belcamp, MD. It can be used in a myriad of food applications, including beverage and flavor emulsions, and functional foods.

A Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) for choline of 425mg per day for adult women and 550mg for adult men is recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. Lecithin, which occurs widely in a variety of foods, is the main source of choline in the diet. However, rich sources of lecithin, such as eggs and organ meats, often are also high in cholesterol. Lecithin supplementation is one way to obtain choline without the cholesterol. One tablespoon of lecithin granules provides the same amount of choline as 11 soft gel lecithin capsules, and provides about 50% of the new DRI. New concentrated phospholipids, high in choline, are also on the market for processors who want to fortify health bars and other nutritional foods.
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