TH Foods, Inc., a manufacturer in the snack product industry, announced the introduction of four new snack mix-in items to its product offerings.

Based on proprietary research completed in April 2016 with consumers having purchased a snack mix in the last six months, the new products by TH Foods meet the needs of those that consume snack mix products regularly.

The new products are:

• Blueberry Streusel Sticks: 45% of consumers surveyed said they are now eating snack mixes for breakfast. These sticks have a true to fruit blueberry flavor on an Ancient Grain Stick.

• Ancient Grain Sticks: with ancient grain the number one grain consumers were most interested in when surveyed, these sticks feature a combination of ancient grains and real chia seeds to create a balanced flavor and crunch.

• Smoky Maple Bacon Sticks: based on the survey, the combination of smoke, sweet, and salty is a hot flavor trend that consumers desire in their snack mix. These sticks have a balance of bacon and maple that satisfies a sweet bacon craving.

• Asiago & Herb Sesame Sticks: with cheese rated the top flavor profile consumers were looking for in a new snack mix, the sticks feature a rich cheese flavor, toasted sesame, enough saltiness for balance and a hint of fresh herbs.

“The research that we completed earlier this year played an integral role in the development of our four new snack mix-ins,” said Kim Holman, Marketing Director for TH Foods. “The responses that we received from consumers assisted us in creating snack mix components that are viewed as premium, while satisfying their cravings for improved and expanded flavors. They also taste wonderful bite after bite as a stand-alone snack or when mixed together with one or more of the other new items.”