A new, acacia-based stabilizer for emulsion applications has just been launched onto the global market by Colloides Naturels Inc. (CNI--Bridgewater, N.J.). Obtained from a proprietary process breakthrough, EFICACIA[tm] allows a reduction of 3-5 times in the typical use level when formulating flavor emulsions. EFICACIA is effective at use levels of 4%-7% in liquid emulsions versus typical levels of 18%-25% with traditional acacia gums. This high level of functionality and effectiveness provides major cost savings while also ensuring superior emulsion stability over time. The ingredient efficiently stabilizes flavor and beverage emulsions, guaranteeing total absence of creaming, flocculation, sedimentation or coalescence in the concentrated emulsion and after dilution and is particularly suited for highly concentrated emulsions with low dilution levels. Colloides Naturels Inc., Sharrann Simmons, 908-707-9400 or 800-872-1850, www.cniworld.com