A study by Greenfield Online has found online grocers owe quite a debt to affluent, experienced Internet users. The report finds those users are fueling the significant growth in online grocery shopping.

Of 3,000 surfers surveyed, nearly 40% had visited an online grocery website. One in five has purchased groceries online within a 30-day period. Even more promising for online grocers is the growing willingness to shop on the web. Some 50% are at least very likely to buy groceries online in the future--quite an increase from the 10% figure reported in a similar survey just six months earlier.

The majority spent more than $150 per month on groceries in stores, but the online shoppers spent under $50 at virtual grocers. Visitors to the sites were primarily there to price shop.

Greenfield's study found a direct relation between household income and the likelihood of visiting an online grocery store. The highest percentage of grocery website visitors had household incomes of $75,000 or more.

Other studies, however, show households with incomes of $70,000 or more are least likely to spend on food at home. If middle- and low-income families gain trust in online grocers, what could this mean for the potential of online grocers?

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