AC HUMKO products provide solutions for the challenges found in the food industry today. Emulsifiers, stearines, MCTs, coating and filling fats, ice cream coatings and non-dairy bases are all part of AC HUMKO, which is determined to improve the flavor, texture, and value of ingredients within food products.

ADM PROTEIN SPECIALTIES offers an extensive soy protein product line for applications in a variety of food formulations. This literature describes the various isolated soy proteins, soy protein concentrates and soy flours that can be formulated into a wide range of products.

A.E. Staley Manufacturing
A COMBINATION of Staley starches and maltodextrins can be effectively used in instant cheese sauce applications due to their hot water dispersion and instant, stable viscosity. Applicable ingredients include MIRA-THIKw Cold Water Swelling Starches and BINASOLe and REDISOLw modified pregel starches.

ARIZONA INSTRUMENT'S COMPUTRACw MAXw 2000XL is an advanced moisture/solids analyzer that combines the precision of a laboratory instrument with the durability and speed required of a production floor unit. We offer free trials, free application development, free loaner service, and 24-hour customer support. Discover our entire family of instruments! Arizona Instrument, 1-800-290-1414,

THE AMERICAN EGG BOARD Egg Products Reference Guide can help "eggspand" your knowledge of egg products. This Guide details the various types of egg products available, includes nutrient profiles and highlights many of the endless applications and functionality of egg products. Visit for more egg information.

BARTEK MALIC ACID can vitalize "new age beverages," imparting tartness and adding a subtle character to the beverage, while intensifying the flavors used. Blending capabilities that produce uniform taste effects create a well-balanced taste sensation.

Cargill CARGILL FOODS EMULSIFIER & TEXTURIZER DIVISION has released a new brochure that covers its specialty starch product. Featured are ViscoGel Starches, derived from waxy maize; AccuGel Starches, which offer product stability and processing tolerances; and RheoGel, Instant and Function-Specific Starches.

D.D.Williamson & Co.
has a simple job to do in any food or beverage product: to create visual appeal. D.D. Williamson manufactures more than 60 caramel color products in a rainbow of colors to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of today's global market. Visit

COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION PACKET contains 30 color-coded, tabbed cards grouped by product category. Cards detail Chr. Hansen's extensive line of colorings, flavors, seasonings, specialty sweeteners and nutritional/pharmaceutical ingredients. Product types and typical applications are included.

METHOCEL FOOD GUMS are the subject of a new 12-page selection guide from Dow. Food formulators can learn how to choose the right product for dozens of food applications. Viscosity tables are included and techniques for dispersion/ hydration are covered in detail.

DSM FOOD SPECIALTIES, SAVORY INGREDIENTS is offering a new brochure featuring its entire line of savory flavor enhancers. This full color brochure provides detailed information on Gistexw and Maxaromew Bakers Yeast Extracts, Expresaw Brewers Yeast Extracts, Engevitaw Inactive Dry Yeasts, Gb Selectw Savory Flavor Systems, and Exterw Flavor Specific HVPs.

ERIE FOODS INTERNATIONAL INC. is recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers of specially processed ingredients for the food industry, with distribution centers around the world to supply markets as varied as its global population.

FOOD INGREDIENT SOLUTIONS, LLC offers a wide range of natural colors. Our newest color is a natural yellow based on saffron. Our Saffron Color 13000 series colors impart a creamy to canary yellow or tangerine shade that is free from off odor and flavor. All of the Saffron Color 13000 series products are water-soluble at room temperature and are extremely heat and light stable. We also offer a grade that is oil dispersible for use in high fat foods, such as cream fillings.

Dunbars Inc.
create amazing recipes with a sweet slant, enabling processors to add them to their year-round menus. Dunbars has created a dozen new recipes for the world's oldest domesticated plant. The sweet potato's versatility and nutritional value spell sweet success. To order a recipe booklet, call 800-251-8202.

FORTITECH INC. manufactures nutrient systems that fortify food, beverage and pharmaceutical products worldwide. Fortitech's premixes are custom formulated, including ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides and nutraceuticals. Headquartered in Schenectady, N.Y., Fortitech has facilities in Europe, Mexico and South America.

Hunter Lab.
, Hunter Lab Color Trend HT is ideal for color measurement of a variety of food products including baking, snack foods and cereals. It simultaneously measures product color and height. Phone: 703-471-6870. Fax: 703-471-4237.

KRAFT FOOD INGREDIENTS, the premier supplier of innovative specialty flavors, offers Savory Flavors that are multi-functional, cost-effective and deliver authentic taste. "Flavors of Cooking" captures the taste of popular cooking processes such as grilling, roasting, sautéing and frying. "Cuisines of the World" is a line of chef-inspired ethnic flavors that captures the essence of Asian, French, Caribbean, Mexican and Italian cooking. To receive a free brochure, call 800-308-7667.

GAMAY FLAVORS offers innovative technology, a creative research staff, a broad product line and a commitment to customer service, as well as an immediate turn-around time. Our Enzyme Modified Cheeses have consistent flavor characteristics and may be incorporated in many applications where cheeses are used.

LaCrosse Milling Co.
are an excellent source of soluble fiber. LaCrosse Milling Co. has been serving quality-conscious oat users for more than half a century. Decades of milling experience and a dedication to customer service enable us to exceed your expectations. For more information and free samples, contact us at 800-441-5411;; E-mail:

NATIONAL STARCH & CHEMICAL'S new brochure on instant food starches describes how advanced cold water swelling starches can help a food manufacturer speed production and differentiate products through desirable taste and texture from those offered by competitors.

, seasonings and premixes from MANE-Seafla are available for a wide variety of applications, including value-added meats, home meal replacements, traditional meat snacks and processed meats. Products are available in all-natural, artificial, liquid, dry and premixed blend forms.

THE NIKKEN PRODUCT LINE includes a full range of savory flavors for food manufacturing processes. Nikken products are shipped worldwide, and variations of all items are available, including low-sodium or without sodium/MSG added flavors.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS LTD. is a distributor of fine ingredients serving the food manufacturing industry throughout the United States. We, at Premium, strive to be a full-service, one-stop provider of high-quality food chemicals and ingredients. Prices, samples and specifications are all available upon request.

SAMPCO INC.'S cubed beef comes 36 lbs per case and has 70% (25.2 lbs) of beef guaranteed per case. Sampco's cubed beef is suggested for use in tacos, burritos, enchiladas, beef stew, barbecue beef, beef pot pies, beef stroganoff, soups and beef chow mein, to name a few. Sampco Inc., 221 North La Salle St., Suite 900, Chicago, Ill. 60601; phone: 800-767-0699 or fax: 312-346-8302.

MARKRoche Vitamins Inc.
gets inside the minds of consumers. Roche Vitamins, a worldwide leader in delivering innovative nutritional solutions for food and beverage fortification, has completed an extensive consumer research study that provides valuable data which marketers can use to develop and position healthy products for maximum sales appeal.

Sethness Caramel Color.
provides an easy-to-use guide for the selection and use of caramel color in food formulations. Covering a wide variety of foods and beverages, the brochure shows which specifications for liquid and/or powdered caramel colors are most appropriate. Typical usage levels are also provided. Call 888-772-1880 or visit our website at

Silliker Laboratories Group Inc.
to help you control the growth of Listeria in your plant. Videos are a cost-effective means of training your entire facility. Our "Controlling Listeria: A Team Approach" and "Smart Sanitation" videos are effective tools to help your employees adhere to sound sanitation practices, GMPs, and HACCP.

TRAGON has teamed with companies large and small for over 25 years to achieve marketplace success and is the global leader in consumer product optimization research. A marketing research and consulting firm, Tragon offers a wide array of quantitative and qualitative services. We specialize in custom, primary research designed to quickly provide an accurate sense of your complex marketplace. Tragon's primary goal is to maximize your profitability by maximizing repeat purchase. Call 800-841-1177 or visit us at

VALLEY RESEARCH MAKES ENZYMES WORK. Teamwork is the norm at Valley Research. It has enabled us to develop a great portfolio of Validasew brand grain processing enzymes. We also have the application experience to make them work for you. You can take advantage of both the teamwork of dedicated, experienced people and the teamwork of our proven Validasew enzymes by calling 219-232-5000.

SOUTHWEST SPECIALTY FOOD offers three new exciting flavors that will blast your taste buds. These six-ounce bottles feature Habanero Hot Sauce, Ballistic Hot Sauce and Chipotle Hot Sauce for fantastic flavor fun. Call 800-536-3131.