When used with KCl and NaCl, yeast extracts deliver flavor enhancement lost through typical salt-reduction programs.

When trying to raise the flavor bar, many food formulators find themselves worried about their product's nutritional profile. Sodium confers great taste, but is an issue in products that will display a reduced-sodium label. Manufacturers may not know that lactic yeast extracts can create a heightened flavor experience.

Saporesse is Synergy Flavor's proprietary line of lactic yeast extracts, derived from yeast grown on lactose. By comparison, baker's yeast extracts typically use molasses as a feedstock, while brewer's extracts are a by-product of the brewing industry. “When compared to other yeast extracts, Saporesse has a unique and light flavor profile because it is the only yeast extract that originates from fermentation on lactose,” says Greg Bach, director of product innovation at Chicago-based Synergy Flavors, formerly known as U.S. Flavors and Fragrances.

Saporesse works best in light or creamy applications. “By nature of the yeast having been originally fermented on lactose, the most recognizable enhancements are found in cheese or dairy-cream applications,” informs Bach.

Lactic yeast extracts magnify cheese flavors without boosting calories or fat. Cheese flavor is maximized with lower cheese usage and no lactose. Saporesse is not limited to cheese and cheese-containing products. It also has performed well in snack seasonings and other traditional dark yeast extract applications.

“Saporesse has the effect of keeping a savory mouthfeel while layering in an enhancement that is light, meaty and slightly dairy,” notes Bach. Since sodium both enhances flavors and masks other undesirable notes in food products, reducing its level can make products taste blander or, in some instances, may allow an off-flavor to come through.

“Rather than serving as an ingredient for sodium replacement, Saporesse enhances the basic food product,” says Bach. “Saporesse has been shown to achieve up to 30% salt reduction in snacks and 50% salt reduction in sauces, and covers the aftertaste typically associated with reduced-sodium products.”

The reason that the product works so well in sodium reduction is that it provides some salty perception on the tongue as well as some masking characteristics when used with potassium chloride (KCl). Although KCl is a popular salt replacer, it can contribute pronounced bitter notes.

Synergy has found that the savory notes imparted by Saporesse can enhance foods ranging from salad dressings, sauces and condiments to light meats and snack food seasonings. In addition, yeast extracts provide a clean label and are retort- and pH-stable. Brewer's yeast extracts also are available from Synergy.

For more information: Synergy Flavors Inc., Wauconda, Ill. Greg Bach • 847-487-1011 • gbach@synergytaste.com www.synergytaste.com