Ready-to-eat dairy-based desserts can be developed for use in any occasion using Grindsted[r] Carrageenan CL 300 FLX from Danisco. With this new generation of highly flexible, advanced hydrocolloids at their fingertips, formulators can explore innovative opportunities to produce attractive desserts--even with cold filling technology. Lower ingredient costs and more efficient production bring extra added value.

Cold-filled desserts with custard or fruit sauces, containing fruit or juice, or with a slight overrun are among the application opportunities--combining luxurious textures and mouthfeel with a nutritional element in a multi-occasion snack. In addition, GRINDSTED[r] Carrageenan CL 300 FLX works well in multi-layer desserts with stripes or spirals and combinations of creamy dairy textures and cold-filled water jellies.

The carrageenan range comprises three products that can provide a broad variety of textures depending on usage level and application. Danisco, Peter Bisgaard, +45 89 43 50 00,