The United Nations reports that the population of older persons (defined as anyone aged 60+) is growing by 2% each year--markedly faster than the population as a whole. That organization also reports that older consumers will outnumber younger consumers in 2050 for the first time in history. According to Mintel Reports, in 2007, there were 83.4 million Baby Boomers (aged 41-60) living in the U.S. alone.

Global aging has prompted many manufacturers to develop products that meet the needs of this population. Recently, Hormel launched a fruit drink that offers functionality and packaging especially appealing to older consumers. FiberBasics Berry Berry Beverage, flavored with raspberry, blackberry and cranberry, offers 3g of fiber in every serving and 100% RDA of vitamin C. It has a “healing” positioning, claiming to be a replacement for fiber-rich medications. In particular, the kosher beverage made with 10% juice bills itself as an effective liquid system for improved regularity.