Every parent wants his child to be healthy and eat healthy. However, that is sometimes a more challenging task than it should be. Children are not always the most cooperative when it comes to eating healthy, nor are they the best at taking multi-vitamins or additional vitamin supplements. Del Monte has launched a solution to help parents with this very important issue.

Del Monte Healthy Kids Enriched Peaches are enriched with vitamins A, C and calcium and are said to help support a healthy immune system and to build strong bones. The product is available in extra light syrup in a can, and it is free from preservatives and fat. The line also offers an enriched Fruit Cocktail. Essentially, this is a perfect product for parents--kids will love the taste, and parents can be confident that they are giving their kids a truly healthy snack. This line also is the first enriched canned fruit product on the market with a specific demographic target. This could be the start of the functional food trend hitting canned fruits and vegetables.