Many meat-eaters avoid vegetarian meals, because they feel that the meals will not leave them satisfied. To try to show consumers that vegetarian food can be nutritious and “not just for vegetarians,” U.K. retailer Sainsbury’s launched a range of prepared meals called “Designed not just for Vegetarians.” Combining adventuresome dishes, such as Malaysian Curry with Noodles and Vegetable Jambalaya, with such classic British favorites as Cumberland Pie or Vegetable Casserole with Herb Dumplings, each meal is designed to appeal to more than just vegetarians. According to the company, some vegetarians can lack some essential amino acids in their diets, but this range of ready meals contains all nine essential amino acids by combining vegetables, pulses and grains. Each meal also contains at least one portion of the recommended daily intake of vegetables, helping meat-eaters eat more vegetables. Until now, the majority of vegetarian meals were based on processed soy protein, textured vegetable protein or other meat substitutes. Now, more foods are based on vegetables, grains and pulses--and their natural goodness and health benefits.

In recent years, fruit juices and nectars have gone beyond being perceived as naturally healthy and rich in important nutrients. Instead, many products are being marketed as supplement-style drinks, often through product fortification with extra vitamins, minerals and even functional ingredients (e.g., Tropicana Essentials). This trend has even moved into other beverage markets. Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid brand is being positioned as an ideal way of supplementing the diet with vitamins. The new Nutri Top Up range is described as offering “extra vitamin goodness” and is available in three blends, where the fruits used have reportedly been chosen for their nutrients and taste and combined with extra vitamins for “daily health.” All of the blends are claimed to provide at least 30% of the RDA of B, C and E vitamins. The available varieties are Tropical (with white grape, orange and passion fruit juices, apricot, guava and mango); Citrus Blend (with orange, white grape and mandarin juices); and Apples & Berries (with apple, blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry juices). The most interesting aspect of this new range is its clear positioning as a vitamin “top up,” enabling consumers to conveniently supplement their diet.