January 30/Lab Business Week-- Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd. announced the completion of the acquisition of Olifant Vodka.

J. Patrick Kenny, president and CEO of Drinks Americas, stated, "Olifant immediately adds $1.5 million in business to Drinks. We believe the brand has the potential in a short period of time to generate revenue many times that number. This is a major milestone for Drinks Americas to be able to use a combination of cash and the company's stock to purchase an existing national business with scaleable volume and revenue that is material to the company's operations, comprised of such a high quality vodka and gin brand. Olifant Vodka, with the trademark Elephant on the label, was designated by the New York Times in a widely circulated article as one of the Three Best Vodkas in their review of the entire category. The Olifant Elephant is iconic by any definition and something we think we can have a lot of fun with. Not only do we think everyone will like the vodka and the gin, but who doesn't like elephants?"

Olifant Vodka has been marketed since 1841. For the past 150 years, Olifant Vodka has been produced in Schiedam, Holland, and is now crafted at the Wenneker Distillery in Holland. Olifant Dry Gin is handcrafted in small batches with exotic botanicals with a protected family recipe. Olifant is sold nationally throughout the United States.

Kenny added, "In addition to how excited we are about adding Olifant to our portfolio, we are equally excited that industry veteran Jack McKenzie will be joining Drinks Americas sales and management team. Jack is a beverage industry veteran previously working with Coca Cola, Seagram Wine Co., Martini & Rossi and  Christian Brothers Sales Co., and with Jim Beam Brands as national field sales manager. Jack then founded and ran McKenzie & Co., the Jim Beam Distributor/Brokerage company  covering the state of Pennsylvania for 15 years." McKenzie purchased Olifant USA in 2004.

From the February 2, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition