Falafel, a dish with combined vegetarian ingredients and typically served as fast food in Middle Eastern countries, is well-liked across the globe. Consumers eatfalafelas a snack or meal, and the food is a fried ball often served in a pita. Flamous Brands’ development of Falafel Chips warrants recognition for introducing the food in an unconventional manner as a crispy snack.

Consisting primarily of chickpeas and ground corn, thefalafelfound in these chips is organic and made from all-natural ingredients. Its lower levels of sodium and extensive list of “free from” claims — including gluten, cholesterol, preservatives and trans fats — make Falafel Chips unique, capitalizing on the health and wellness trend. The manufacturer notes the product is a nutritious and satisfying nibble that may be consumed alone or dipped in hummus for added taste. In addition to its original flavor, Falafel Chips are also offered in a Chipotle variant, an up-and-coming flavor profile across a variety of categories.