Laboratoires Nutrisanté, a French developer and producer of natural vitamins and supplements, has launched a weight-loss drink concentrate, 7-Day Express Drainer. The new product forms part of the novel IMC (BMI in English) line-up, which comprises an extensive range of weight-control products (meals, drinks, supplements) based on an individual’s body mass index (BMI). Some lines are aimed at those with a BMI of more or less than 25--offering a personal approach to dieting not often seen in the mainstream dieting industry. The novelty of the product lies mainly in its formulation and convenient packaging. The drink concentrate has an exotic fruit flavor and is made with fashionable botanicals such as green tea, pomegranate, papaya and lesser-known kinkeliba--with the main focus on detoxifying the body to help with weight loss. The green tea is said to help with water retention, while kinkeliba stimulates the kidneys for better purification. Interestingly, some of the ingredients offer other health benefits that directly or indirectly have a link to weight loss. For instance, the green tea is said to help prevent any orange peel effect after weight loss; the pomegranate purportedly boosts circulation and relieves heavy legs; the papaya aids with digestion; and kiwi helps fight the fatigue that can result from dieting. The ingredients’ many benefits make this a versatile drink--to add to its versatility, it can be consumed on its own or diluted with water.

Recently, products have been positioned to increase vegetable consumption among children. In France, an interesting product is not necessarily for children; instead it presumably targets teenagers or younger adults who do not wish to spend too much time cooking, but want a practical and tasty product to add to their meals. Bearing in mind the target audience, a pasta sauce is the perfect vehicle for this type of claim and positioning. Panzani’s Objectif 5 Légumes range comprises convenient pasta sauces in jars, with no colorants or preservatives, and which can be eaten hot or cold. Providing 50% of the RDA of vegetables per portion, the sauces also benefit from having only 48 calories per portion, appealing to consumers looking to reduce their calorie intake. The range name, “Objective: 5 Vegetables,” is very clear and should appeal, presumably, to consumers looking for quick and easy meal solutions that are also nutritious.