With all of the negative media attention facing the bottled water industry recently, many manufacturers are scrambling to alter their product offering. H20m is tackling this negative stigma head on and communicating positive energy through its line of bottled waters that go above and beyond water in an environmentally friendly bottle. H20m claims to have created the world's first “interactive” natural spring water. The company has “infused each bottle” with the power of positive energy through several means of “good vibrations,” including words, music, colors, symbols and even thoughts. Each variant in the line (Will Power, Joy, Love, Perfect Health, Gratitude, Prosperity and Peace) was created to have a unique, positive effect on the consumer. Beyond the positive energy, H20m also looks to have a positive impact on the environment through efforts to create awareness and education on world water issues, recycling and the welfare of the planet. Each bottle and label is 100% recyclable and offered in PET1 food grade containers. While the efforts H20m has undertaken to reduce its impact on the environment are easy to grasp and understand, it will be interesting to see how wary consumers will accept this “forward-thinking” line of waters.