PF Exclusive: Trends in Protein Intake: Attitudes and Behaviors

Consumers are slowly becoming more aware of and knowledgeable about the benefits of protein in the diet, recognizing the important role it plays in helping manage hunger, sustain energy levels and maximize performance.

Recent formulation and organoleptic improvements have helped soy expand its appeal to include carnivores. Consumers are intrigued by the widely purported health benefits, as well as the suitability for vegetarians and those with allergies. This suggests there are ongoing opportunities for industry players to capitalize upon.

Market value in the U.S. is below that of Europe and Asia Pacific; this was highlighted by recent findings from the International Food Information Council and the United Soybean Board that indicate soy dairy products have increasingly been incorporated into the American diet within the last two decades. Between 2002-2007, soy-based dairy products in the U.S. experienced a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3%. However, this is expected to slow in the period 2007-2012 to 7.7%, still a healthy growth rate. That said, Datamonitor forecasts that by 2012, the U.S. will be the only country in which market value for soy-based dairy products exceeds $1 billion.

"Trends in Protein Intake: Attitudes and Behaviors," published by Datamonitor PLC, examines protein consumption from a variety of perspectives: consumer, industry, various demographic groups, etc. Opportunities exist in this field, and this report forecasts the growth and potential for the global protein market, while also detailing new product development around the world.



Market Value of Soy Dairy Products in Europe, the U.S., Russia and Brazil (in millions)

Country201220072002CAGR 2007-2012CAGR 2002-2007
France $322.7 $154.3 $59.2 15.9% 21.1%
Germany $877.6 $222.4 $23.2 31.6% 57.2%
Italy $179.6 $109.6 $48.2 10.4% 17.9%
Netherlands $97.4 $42.7 $17 17.9% 20.2%
Spain $285.7 $159.6 $44.3 12.4% 29.2%
Sweden $37.6 $22.9 $9.7 10.4% 18.7%
U.K. $552.4 $347.3 $182.9 9.7% 13.7%
Other Europe $468.2 $211.8 $77.3 17.2% 22.3%
Europe Overall $2,821.2 $1,270.6 $461.8 17.3% 22.4%
U.S. $1,323.9 $915.5 $513.1 7.7% 12.3%
Russia $136.2 $75.4 $21.6 12.6% 28.4%
Brazil $182.1 $105.4 $36.5 11.6% 23.6%
Source: Datamonitor’s Market Data Analytics


From the March 30, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition