As consumers become educated on how their consumption affects the environment, many are beginning to rethink their routine purchase decisions. This past summer, Kraft Foods introduced Kool-Aid Singles, packaged in a reusable water bottle that targets kids. To encourage this younger group to consume Kool-Aid and other drinks more responsibly, Kraft Foods partnered with two well-known proponents of preserving the environment: water filtration firm Brita and the manufacturer of reusable water containers, Nalgene. Kraft Foods’ venture with Brita and Nalgene supports the FilterForGood program, a platform for reducing waste. The Kool-Aid Singles offering, positioned as “Refreshingly Eco-Friendly,” instructs kids to mix one Kool-Aid single with filtered tap water in the reusable bottle. When children learn about their affect on the environment from an early age, they will likely carry such responsible consumer practices into adulthood.

Mintel GNPD