Busier lifestyles and overbooked schedules leave many feeling pressed for time to complete some of the day’s most basic tasks. Understanding consumers’ ever-increasing demands for convenience in their product usage, many manufacturers have launched food and beverage brands to position as “on-the-go.” Several sub-categories have seen recent growth in this product stance into 2008, especially the cakes, pastries and sweet goods, sweet biscuits/cookies, and savory/salty snacks groups.

The package designs of these on-the-go food and beverage items clearly communicate their top claim for being easily transported away from the home.

While the majority of products positioned as “on-the-go” stem from the snack category and groups such as single-serve beverages, some items from more unconventional segments have entered the claim’s arena. In France, La Maison So Chic Wines introduced its So Chic Wine, packaged in a 60ml glass tube intended for individual use.  This type of on-the-go positioning appeals to younger adults, a departure from the wine industry’s traditional target group of older wine connoisseurs. So Chic Wine’s pack design provides consumers with a convenient means to enjoy a single-sized serving of premium wine. Equally alluring about the brand is its screw-on cap, which eliminates the need for a wine bottle opener. So Chic Wine retails in a fashionable box that contains three individual tubes of red wine varieties.

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