Global Trends

Superfruits have gained notoriety in recent years, due to their high antioxidant content and disease-fighting capabilities. Usually consumed through juices or other natural beverages, Superfruits have recently been utilized in other forms, such as snack foods and energy drinks. In China, Ningxiahong has opted to use a lesser known, but increasingly significant Superfruit, goji berries. Its Goji Berry Wine features the slogan “a sip a day keeps the doctor away.” Wine has been noted for its disease-fighting capabilities, and now, with the addition of this Superfruit, Ningxiahong has differentiated itself from competing red wines on the market.

The Raw Food movement is widely perceived as the next step from vegetarianism and veganism. “Raw foodists” believe nothing should be cooked over 46 degrees Celsius, because it damages the nutrients in the food. In Germany, Lifefood markets its food as undamaged by cooking, baking or pasteurizing. With the launch of an Organic Raw Handmade Chocolate Bar, the company is catering to raw foodists with a sweet tooth. The chocolate is made from unroasted, raw cacao beans and is free from dairy products, refined sugar, soy lecithin and gluten. It is claimed to be a “live” chocolate, full of nutrients, enzymes and energy. According to the company, the chocolate is sweetened with cold-processed, low-glycemic agave syrup, making it diabetic-friendly.

Instilling healthy eating habits in children at a young age is essential for a healthy future. In the U.K., the company Innocent already has a well-established reputation as a pure and healthy brand, which helps when marketing to children, and has extended its range of children’s products with the launch of Pure Fruit Squeezies. The fruit-based snack is available in two flavors: Strawberries & Raspberries and Pineapples & Mangos. In the Strawberries & Raspberries variety, each tube contains one slice of apple, half a strawberry, one raspberry, six blueberries and a dash of red grape juice. The products are free from sugar and sweeteners, with no additives.

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