September 2009 -- Abstracts

2009 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo
As reported in Prepared Foods’ July 2009 editorial, the annual Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Meeting & Food Expo gathered more than 14,000 food professionals in Anaheim in June, a 10% increase in attendance compared to both the 2008 IFT Expo in New Orleans and the last IFT show held in Anaheim (in 2002). To see a brief overview of trends, type in: “Continuing Trend Education” (with quotes) in the search field at

Kicking off the event, the keynote session focused on the topic that permeated the show floor: the economy. Todd Buchholz, a Harvard University economist and author of Market Shock: 9 Economic and Social Upheavals That Will Shake Our Financial Future, and Jeffrey Rosensweig, Ph.D., a CNN financial commentator and author of Winning the Global Game: A Strategy for Linking People and Profits, discussed the current state of the economy and its impact on the food industry.

With the U.S. economy’s building blocks shifted, the world’s economies have likewise undergone a tremendous shift, explained Buchholz, but there are signs of hope. He foresees market and economy improvements in 2009, noting consumers will still turn to comfort foods, in addition to inexpensive dining options. At the same time, Rosenweig sees huge opportunities for companies entering China, which he explains, is ripe for prepared meal innovation, “as more Chinese women enter the workforce.”

IFT president Sheri Schellhaass formally opened the show by noting more than 1,400 international attendees were on hand. At the same time, she unveiled the association’s new logo and explained its forthcoming new visual identity, which will premiere in the fall, and its new tagline: “Feeding the Minds that Feed the World.” As can be seen on the following pages (and in the abstracts column of last month’s August 2009 issue), offerings from vendors of ingredients and services, some which were exhibitors at the 2009 IFT Food Expo, are working to meet and surpass that objective.
--William A. Roberts, Business Editor/New Media Editor

Essentially Good-for-you
Most Americans are concerned with both the amount and type of fats they consume. Enter AarhusKarlshamn (AAK), a company that offers trans fat-free solutions with its EsSence line of shortenings. Designed with nutritional considerations in mind and based on a blend of a liquid oil-of-choice and a proprietary hardstock derived from palm and palm kernel oils, EsSense shortenings are trans-free, non-hydrogenated and low in saturated fat, while delivering excellent performance in applications generally demanding more saturated (solid) fat. AKK offers a complete line of EsSence brand shortenings with various melting points and solid fat curves to meet the needs of the food industry. AarhusKarlshamn (AKK), 973-344-1300,

New Tool for Formulators
An interactive formulation tool and two new health-enhancement products were introduced by a food ingredient company at IFT. Univar USA’s formulation tool, Look Closer, is based on its popular 2008 Comprehensive Field Guide for Food Formulators. The new tool offers more layers of technical literature and formulations from 12 leading global ingredient suppliers. Also featured at Univar’s booth were two new products that demonstrated product function across complex ingredient formulations. California Dreaming Bars featured FORTEFIBER™ HB by Dow Food and Nutrition, which the company says helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Rockin’ Red Tea was a refreshing sugar- and calorie-free drink with natural pomegranate flavor. Univar USA, 425-638-4911,

Ingredient Versatility
One of the world’s largest agricultural processors turns crops, such as corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa, into hundreds of ingredients. This year, ADM unveiled four new prototypes at IFT to demonstrate how its ingredients can be used in a variety of food applications. Visitors sampled Sweet ‘N’ Crunchy Sesame Mix, using ADM’s Sweet ‘n’ Neat® dry honey powder; Date & Almond Breakfast Bar, using VegeFull™ bean powder, Prolite® wheat protein isolate and NovaLipid™ soybean oil; Triple Chocolate Brownie, with both Ambrosia® chocolate chunks and DeZaan® cocoa powder; and Oats & Crisp Bar, with NutriSoy® and Fibersol®-2 dietary soluble fiber. ADM, 217-424-5413,

Yeast Launches
At IFT, one company presented new solutions with natural ingredients for salt reduction, flavor enhancement and preservation of food products. Biorigin’s new ingredients were divided into three new brands: Biozalt, Bioenhance and Biogard. The company also launched Goldcell, an inactive torula (Candida utilis) yeast in the product line, which also includes inactive and autolysed Saccharomyces cereviciae yeast. The company presented yeast extraction solutions featuring their brands and offered visitors a chance to taste the final products. Biorigin, Brazil, +55(14)3269 9200,

Color Me Annatto
The first Certified Organic annatto extracts for coloring have arrived and were highlighted at IFT. D.D. Williamson’s Annatto Extracts have the hue of annatto, a natural food coloring, in ranges from yellow to orange. Both water- and oil-soluble versions are available. Food processing customers using either of the new colorings can label “organic annatto extract” on ingredient declarations in the U.S. Applications for water-soluble annatto include natural cheese, ice cream, snacks, breakfast cereals and more. D.D. Williamson, 800-227-2635,

Performance Formulations
A new calcium-fortification product was introduced at this year’s IFT Expo. ICL Performance Products’ Cal-Sistent™ helps formulators to fortify beverages, dairy and confectionery foods with calcium—without altering key characteristics of consumers’ favorite foods and beverages. Its small particle size is ideal for products with a well-established taste or mouthfeel. ICL’s manufacturing process ensures a consistent, small particle size that is not easily detectable and does not affect flavor. Cal-Sistent delivers a calcium content of 38% and calcium-to-phosphorus ratios equivalent to those found in human bones, says the company. ICL Performance Products LP,

Dairy Foods’ Functionality
One company demonstrated how dairy ingredients and dairy foods deliver exceptional nutrition, functionality and flavor to meet today’s consumer demands for convenient, healthy food choices. Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI) sampled several prototypes that feature value-added dairy ingredients. Also, experts from DMI, the National Dairy Foods Research Centers and other partners presented symposia and short courses to share the latest in cutting-edge dairy nutrition research. An additional symposium sponsored by DMI explained the collaborative effort currently under way to improve the sustainability of the dairy industry. Dairy Management Inc.,  

Abstracts Award
A manufacturer of multifunctional fiber food ingredients has had its scientific abstract, selected as among the “best of the best,” submitted to the “New Products and Technologies” sessions in the Ingredients category at 2009’s IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Z-Trim Holdings Inc.’s abstract, Minimally Processed Soluble Dietary Fiber for Health and Wellness Foods Design and Reformulation, was recognized as being new; it incorporated a convincingly innovative new technology and delivered improved performance over competitive items already available. The panel weighed the abstract’s relevance against: degree of innovation, practical application of content, quality of abstract, scientific merit, pertinence to IFT member audience and timeliness of science. Z Trim Multifunctional Fiber Ingredients, 847-826-3211,

Almonds are always “in,” it seems. The Almond Board of California presented an enticing sampling menu for attendees of IFT’s Expo in June. Recipes, which were created by chef John Csukor, included Dreamy Almond Drinking Chocolat--a delicate demitasse of warm drinking chocolate infused with California almond butter and spice, topped with handmade almond marshmallow; California Crab Salad--a classic Northeastern Thai salad presented as a snacking lettuce wrap, enlivened with California almonds; and Almond Kulfi--a traditional Asian-Indian frozen dessert made new with slivers of California almonds and saffron threads. Almond Board of California, 209-549-8262,

Nature Created
A broad range of all-natural herbs, vegetables and botanicals was highlighted at IFT. Sensus’ unique spinning cone extraction process means the company supplies some of the freshest, most aromatic ingredients. The herb product line features fresh top-notes that enhance food and beverage products. Sensus has partnered with Morning Star Farms to provide industry-leading tomato essences, as well as locally sourced vegetables. The goal of the botanical product line is to deliver distinct profiles of the horticultural product, while maximizing healthy attributes. Flavor ingredient offerings include essences, base concentrates and concentrates. Sensus LLC, 866-373-6787,

That Certain Something
One company has the ability to give a product that “something extra,” consumer appeal. French’s® Flavor Ingredients are market-tested to enhance the experience with signature marinades, sauces, dressings and more. Frank’s RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce is the original Buffalo flavor that started it all, according to the company. French’s mustard and Worcestershire sauces, as well as Cattlemen’s® Barbecue Sauces, have universal appeal and regional preferences. Moreover, French’s offers over 50 unique flavors in wet or dry formats. French’s Flavor Ingredients, 800-4-FRENCH,

No Blues About This
One reb-A manufacturer has received a positive “has no questions” response from the FDA, in regards to its notification of GRAS status. Blue California announced receipt of official notification supporting the conclusion by an expert panel that Blue California’s Good&Sweet™ Reb-A 97% is GRAS, making it possible for Good&Sweet to be used in a variety of food products. The FDA’s response does not necessarily apply to the use of other stevia products as food ingredients, says the company. Blue California’s pure Reb-A 99% surpasses industry standards, according to the company, and offers food manufacturers all over the world the opportunity to develop food products with reduced calories, without sacrificing taste. Blue California, 949-635-1990,

Purely Delightful
Consumers are paying more attention to food safety and product labels. To meet this trend, PURAC launched PuraQ™, a special line of natural ingredients. PuraQ uses innovative fermentation technology and a combination of innovative new ingredients that offer control of spoilage organisms and pathogens, while meeting market demand for label-friendly or natural ingredients. At IFT, PURAC showcased the new product line with tasty food samples, including Heavenly Hummus, Spicy Mango Salsa and Roasted Turkey Salad. PURAC, 847-634-6330,

A Taste of Honey
Bees appear to be disappearing in the U.S., with some experts estimating the loss at about 35%. Whatever the reason, this shortage of honey results in higher honey prices. Bell Flavors & Fragrances has created a line of honey replacers in natural and artificial versions for various applications. Because there can be an issue of loss of bulk or other problems in a finished formula with the replacement of honey by a flavor, Bell is happy to work with customers in solving any issues that may arise. Bell Flavors & Fragrances Inc., 800-323-4387,

Reduced-sodium Solutions
Food companies are always looking for ways to reduce sodium, without sacrificing great taste. To help answer the call, Fleischmann’s Yeast is introducing new AB Mauri Low Sodium and AB Mauri Sodium Free Baking Powder options. Both sodium-reduced baking powders were formulated to help bakers expand their sodium-conscious portfolio to include cakes, cookies, crackers and tortillas. The new baking powders are designed to meet USDA recommendations to consume less than 2,300mg of sodium per day and, at the same time, consume foods that are potassium-rich. Both have also been formulated to provide the same regulated, desired gassing rate bakers have come to expect from Fleischmann’s Yeast AB Mauri Baking Powder. Fleischmann’s Yeast, a Division of AB Mauri Food Inc.,

Whey-ing In
Visitors at IFT’s booth #129 learned about some innovative whey ingredients for food and nutrition applications. Grande Custom Ingredients Group®’s Grande Bravo® and Grande WPCrisp® products are 100% natural and offer unique functional benefits not found in commodity whey products, according to the company. Because no additives, preservatives or colors are used, the resulting fresh, Grade A whey is a guaranteed safe, secure and consistent product that exceeds high-quality world standards, says Grande. They are EU- compliant, and kosher- and halal-certified. Grande Custom Ingredients Group, 800-772-3210,

Flavanols and Cocoa
One company is turning to nature and an “old” staple--cocoa, nature’s unexpected Superfruit. Mars Botanical, after nearly two decades of research, is unveiling Cirku™, a natural cocoa extract containing flavanols, which help maintain healthy circulation. Top nutrition experts gathered at IFT to discuss the latest science, clinical implications and applications of flavanols in product development in a session on “Plant Flavonols and Health: Learning from Cocoa Flavanols.” In addition to a substantial body of research on the health potential of natural cocoa, trend experts suggest flavanols and its umbrella group, flavanoids, are a fast-emerging mass market. Mars Botanical, a division of Mars Inc.,

Ethnic Flavor and Gluten-free
In the health and wellness arena, gluten-free introductions have taken the spotlight, while ethnic flavor trends continue to be primary drivers in new product introductions. At this year’s IFT, ConAgra Mills announced two new, all-natural flours designed to expand the market for products in these growing categories. Eagle Mills® Gluten-Free All-Purpose Multigrain Flour and Mumbai Gold™ Fresh Chakki Atta are both value-added flours that support commercial bakeries, food manufacturers and foodservice chefs with products that meet consumer desires for diverse dining experiences and help those leading a gluten-free lifestyle. ConAgra Mills, 800-851-9618,

Clear Protein Solutions
One company claims to capture the goodness of dairy to produce a wide range of innovative ingredient solutions, from RTD beverages and bars to yogurts, cheeses and infant formulas. Fonterra is an ingredients partner to companies that market some of the most popular and high-profile food brands in the world. IFT attendees were introduced to some of Fonterra’s newer products, including PowerProtein™ ingredients suitable for many potential applications, including nutrition bars and snack foods; and Clear Protein™ Whey Isolate range, which can be used in satiety waters, sports recovery beverages, protein drinks and more. Fonterra Ingredients USA, 847-928-1600,

Soy Trek: The Next Generation
The next generation of healthy soybean products provides enhanced oil with the highest oleic content in soybean under commercial development, says one company. Plenish™ brand high-oleic soybean oil is promised to meet food industry needs for a soy-based trans fat solution with superior performance characteristics. DuPont scientist Susan Knowlton presented Plenish high-oleic soybean oil testing results at this year’s IFT meeting. Extensive testing of oil produced from soybeans in 2007 and 2008 confirmed that Plenish contains about 80% oleic acid. Plenish oil also provides flexibility to use alone, or in combination with other oils to optimize cost, functionality and taste. Plenish has been developed for DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred in conjunction with Qualisoy™. Qualisoy, 314-579-1583,

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Sodium in Products
Cargill Salt’s sodium reduction line offers a variety of products to meet sodium reduction needs, including its Premier potassium chloride, Cargill SaltWise and Alberger brand salt. Premier potassium chloride is ideal for ham and bacon curing, cheeses, beverages, seasoning blends, bakery products, margarine and frozen dough. Cargill Salt has developed a 10-step sodium reduction guide for manufacturers as follows.  1. Identification--Identify goals, objectives and target consumer audiences. 2. Know the competitive landscape--Consider what low-sodium products are already available in the category and how those products are doing. 3. Understand the sources of sodium--Know the sources and levels of sodium in the products. 4. Set targets for sodium reduction--Identify target goals in sodium reduction for the product. 5. Assess your sodium reduction options--Reduce the amount of salt added to the product formula; change proportion of salt added to ingredients; or use a salt substitute. 6. Consider pros and cons--Evaluate the cost and benefit of each sodium reduction option. 7. Test, test, test--Test the product, both in the lab and among consumers. 8. Determine how to present the introduction--Identify the best way to launch the product and how to position it. 9. Evaluate success--Did it meet or exceed sales goals and expectations? Is positioning on target? 10. Modify as needed--Monitor consumer opinion and response to the product. Watch trends to make sure it meets objectives and satisfies the needs of the target consumer audience. Cargill Salt,

One company sought to bust some myths about process cheese at this year’s IFT. Land O’Lake’s food scientist Paul Hughes led a lively session, uncovering many misconceptions--and realities--of process cheese. Process cheese is made from high-quality natural cheese, and its customizable flavor and performance characteristics, such as melt and composition, make it a versatile, easy-to-use food ingredient. Some of the myths “busted” by Hughes include: process cheese is not real cheese; process cheese is made from trim, off-grade or low-quality cheese; and FDA classification assures quality. In all cases, Hughes not only effectively busted the mythology; he also demonstrated how the customizability of process cheese gives food developers greater latitude in formulating new types of products than natural cheese. Land O’Lakes Inc., 651-481-2222,

Plum Good
Dried plums naturally raise the value of underutilized proteins. California dried plums are naturally rich in fiber (7.5%) and high in sorbitol to bind and maintain moisture in red meat and poultry products (the addition of as little as 1-3% dried plums to the raw meat block can help retain moisture). Dried plums’ acidic profile, particularly malic acid (1.5-2%), along with a high antioxidant content, fends off the corrupting effect of bacteria and oxygen. California Dried Plum Board, 800-729-5992,

Organic Options
At IFT, one company highlighted its grains, ingredients and fruit groups. SunOpta Inc. presented its Grains and Foods Group, Ingredients Group, Tradin Organics and Fruit Group--all divisions of SunOpta Inc., of Brampton, Ontario. The Grains Group is one of the nation’s top innovators in organic ingredients and identity-preserved grains and is a leading supplier of soymilk, says the company. Its Ingredients Group produces oat fiber for the food industry and is continuously broadening its base of innovative fibers. Tradin Organics trades in certified-organic commodities, through extensive sourcing and company-owned projects, while the Fruit Group consists of berry processing facilities and fruit base operations. SunOpta Inc., www.sunopta.compf