From its support of strong bones to the prevention of cavities, milk’s consumption is known to promote the body’s general well-being. Muscle rebuilding is one common motive for some to consume the drink. Suntory, a Japanese manufacturer known for its unconventional line of beverages, introduced a Protein Water from the Dakara brand. Suntory’s Dakara Protein Water is low in calories, contains milk-derived protein and boasts a refreshing aftertaste. Most interesting about the drink is its milky white color, which serves to stress Dakara Protein Water’s whey protein ingredient content--a naturally occurring substance found in milk. The water is appropriately packaged in a plastic, dumbbell-shaped bottle--keeping with the drink’s target group of individuals who exercise.

Omega-3 has a recognized role in preventing cardiovascular disease. This spring, the Irish manufacturer Batchelors launched Heartwise Baked Beans, a variety formulated with omega-3 and vitamins A and E, which contains lower salt and sugar levels to fulfill its mission to maintain a healthy heart. The beans contain 20% less salt and 20% less sugar than Batchelors’ standard baked beans, as well as 20% more omega-3 and 20% more vitamins. Batchelors Heartwise’s on-pack labeling serves to educate consumers about the benefits of its ingredients, such as omega-3 can promote a healthy heart, antioxidant vitamins may lower the risk of heart disease, and a low-salt diet is essential for regulating blood pressure and cardiovascular well-being.

There are few dairy products marketed to men. However, one product in Mexico that launched under the brand Lala Vital Hombre (Vital Men) is a lactose-free, vitamin-enriched milk. This milk contains multivitamins for vitality, DHA and magnesium to strengthen the memory (with this being the main product stance also highlighted on the front of the pack), added omega-3 and no cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, and B-vitamins for increased energy. Consumers are informed the product’s calcium and vitamin D help strengthen bones and increase bone density. All of these functionalities are usually found in offerings that target to women, not men.

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