On the Street: Chicago Sweeteners Now Batory Foods

July 17/Des Plaines, Ill./Batory Foods Press Release -- Chicago Sweeteners Inc., a national distributor of food ingredients, announced its official corporate name change to Batory Foods Inc.

Formerly operating under several different regional names across the country: Chicago Sweeteners, Sugar Incentives, Total Sweeteners, LSI/Ingredients International, LSI Texas, Industrial Ingredients and Quality Ingredients, the company has established a new name to facilitate consolidation under one identity. There are no changes in control, ownership or service and all agreements previously in effect with each of the divisions continue to be in effect with Batory Foods Inc.

Taken from the name of the ship on which the company’s founder Abel Friedman and his family fled Poland in 1938, “The name change reflects our long-term mission to provide a broad suite of ingredients that will empower our customers by having the top  brand name products available locally,” says Ron Friedman, vice president of Batory Foods.

Launched simultaneously was Batory Foods’ new logo. “We want the logo to reflect our histories and core values the company is built on, while conveying a progressive and optimistic future, “ says Irene Fogelson, marketing director of Batory Foods. The new logo is an evolution of the previous one; it modifies the sunburst icon to reach up and outward of full exposure and incorporates a more contemporary color palette. The swirl shape is inspired by a classic perforated pattern from the top of a powdered sugar shaker.  Conceptually, it also blends together the seven regional distribution companies, bringing together the best practices of each.

From the August 2, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition