Prepared food products manufactured by food processing companies play an important role in many restaurants, where every laborer is not a chef, and meals have to be consistently good and served quickly. Additionally, foods provided in shelf-stable packages offer advantages, including safe handling, compact storage, higher yields, increased efficiency of labor and lower waste disposal costs.

To assist in the development of these products, R&D staffs can look to Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Flavour Mark™ technology, which provides a durable, flexible pouch for aseptic and retorted products, such as soups, salad dressings, condiments and side dishes. In another instance, the Cryovac® Oven Ease™ ovenable bag permits pre-seasoned foods, such as hams, roasts, whole turkeys, etc., to be cooked inside the same material in which they are packaged. This reduces prep time, clean-up and helps reduce waste.

Yet another package, Marinade on Demand™, combines marinade and fresh meat in a single package, to be mixed together when needed. Operators never have to touch the meats; when desired, they squeeze the marinade pocket to break the seal between the two pockets. Having full control of the marinating process is very important, because acids, alcohols and fruit juices can adversely affect product flavor and texture over time.

Addressing sanitation concerns, the Grip & Tear™ vacuum shrink bag allows operators to handle the contents, without touching the product or using a knife to open the bag. The employees just pull a tab and place the product where needed; the vacuum seal helps increase product shelflife.

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