Prolonged Exercise and Sweetness Sensitivity

November 18/Shizuoka, Japan/Technology Business Journal -- According to recent research from Shizuoka, Japan, "In order to determine the influence of prolonged exercise on sensitivity to sweet taste, we investigated the relationship between physical fatigue and palatability and/or taste intensity by performing sensory evaluation tests. The subjects hiked up a 36-km mountain trail for 12 hours, and we used 100- and 300-mM sucrose solutions as test samples."

"The taste intensity and palatability of the sucrose solutions did not change significantly during exercise. However, a slight change in palatability was observed," wrote M. Narukawa and colleagues, University of Shizuoka.

The researchers concluded, "In particular, the palatability of the 300-mM solution increased with an increase in the degree of physical fatigue towards the end of the exercise."

Narukawa and colleagues published their study in Food Science and Technology Research ("Influence of Prolonged Exercise on Sweet Taste Perception." Food Science and Technology Research, 2010;16(5):513-516).

For additional information, contact M. Narukawa, University of Shizuoka, Graduate School Nutrition & Environmental Science, Suruga Ku, 52-1 Yada, Shizuoka 4228526, Japan.

From the November 29, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition