Hitting the Shelves: Tea in the Food Category -- February 2011

Although tea ingredients in food category product launches have traditionally had provenance in Asia, there has been a recent stir of activity from other regions. Specifically, food product launches containing tea have increased in both Europe and North America from 2005-2010, at 17 and 42%, respectively. This has been driven by upticks in the bakery and chocolate confectionery category, where manufacturers have offered refreshing formulations that highlight tea flavors. The baby food category is certainly an unlikely area to see tea ingredients emerging; however, several manufacturers have launched products featuring tea flavors. In South Africa, Woolies Babes Fresh Apple Pear Rooibos for babies aged 6 months and over highlights a rooibos tea flavor. Meanwhile, in Spain, Nestle Papillas Bienestar offers Baby Food with Cereals & Blossom Tea. The easy-to-digest cereal is formulated for babies aged 6 months and over and is enriched with Bifidus BL and prebiotics. Looking at activity in other categories, in the U.S., GoodBelly BigShot 50 haas launched a Vanilla Chamomile flavor Probiotic Drink. Green tea is a tea flavor which has gained popularity in foods. In Brazil, Bretzke Zero Pro has launched Green Tea Flavored Jelly Powder, which makes a sugar-free, green tea-flavored gelatin dessert. In Russia, Poglotitel' Zhira Green Tea and Pineapple Syrup is a low-sugar syrup that can be used in desserts, beverages and baking.

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