Mannatech in Mexico

January 27/Mexico City, Mexico/Health & Beauty Close-Up -- Mannatech Inc., a developer and provider of nutritional supplements and skin care products, officially commenced Mexico business operations on January 24 across all of Mexico.

"Mexico is one of the most important international market openings that Mannatech has ever undertaken, because Mexico is a hugely strategic market in its own right as well as a gateway to all Latin America," said Randy Bancino, president of Mannatech's international business. "Since 1994, our passion has been to support hard working people looking to improve their lives through healthy living and building a business. We have found that the people of Mexico share our passion for changing people's lives."

"We have science as our foundation, and with a proven business model and products that will stand out in Mexico, I believe we will make a real difference in the lives of people willing to make a change," said Sergio Medina, managing director of Mannatech's Mexico operations. "There are more than 100 million people in Mexico, many of them looking to supplement their income and make a better quality of life for their families, and I believe Mannatech will help them discover that."

Mannatech said its Mexico operations include offices and storefronts in both Guadalajara and Mexico City and a distribution center located in Monterrey.

From the February 7, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition