Refuel and Repair
Ingredia Nutritional, experts in developing milk protein products, has just launched its innovative proteins and hydrolysates range: Nutritional Solutions. This range of proteins offers additional and improved ways of incorporating protein within products for end-market consumption. Exclusively for Hi Europe, Ingredia Nutritional had developed an end-product concept to illustrate just one of Nutritional Solutions' possible applications--the Refuel&Repair sports nutrition drink. Aiding recovery, rehydration and muscle synthesis, this drink tastes great and provides a combined high level of fluidity and low bitterness levels, with a high protein content. Ingredia Nutritional,

Probiotics Award
Frost & Sullivan has recognized UAS Laboratories Inc. with the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement of the Year in the North American probiotics market. Based on research of the probiotic market, Frost & Sullivan concluded that intense focus on R&D, innovations in quality control of probiotic products and a broad line of condition-specific products stands UAS Labs apart from its competitors. The company manufactures five condition-specific probiotic formulations for irritable bowel syndrome, atopic dermatitis, digestive and immune health, and urinary tract health for women. The latest product, the Cran-Gyn DDS women's health formulation, has received an excellent response from customers and consumers. UAS Labs Inc., 952-935-1707,

Grape Seed Extracts as Antioxidants
Naturally occurring, antioxidant-containing proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seed, Kikkoman's Gravinol is self-affirmed GRAS and can be used for the formulation of functional bars, cereals, beverages and pasta products. It is the only grape seed extract patented for use in protein-based food products. Three distinct levels of antioxidants are offered: Gravinol-N, Regular Grade (40% purity); Gravinol-T, Beverage Grade (28% purity); and Gravinol-S, Premium Grade (95% purity). Kikkoman Sales USA,

Expert Bone and Joint Ingredients
AIDP's expert advisors and quality ingredients make it easy to find exactly the right ingredient to formulate superior bone and joint health products. Its patented KoAct Calcium Collagen Chelate, Kolia 2 Collagen II and innovative ingredients, like beverage-grade chondroitin sulfate and calcium chondroitin, stand apart from other bone/joint health raw materials on the market today. AIDP also focuses on core bone/joint health ingredients, like calcium citrate, curcumin extract, low-lead glucosamine, MSM, vitamin K2 and over 10 additional grades of chondroitin sulfate. AIDP, 866-262-6699,

Baobab for Dietary Fiber
Nutraceuticals International LLC, with partners Amruta Herbals Pvt. Ltd., now offers Baozene, a purified baobab fruit powder. Baozene is a great source of dietary fiber, with an excessive ORAC value of 650Xumol Te/g, as well as contains high levels of potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Amruta has standardized the Baozene to a 70% fiber content, which contains low pectin content, as well as water-soluble polysaccharides, which have excellent binding properties. Nutraceuticals International LLC, 888-541-1284 (toll-free, U.S.), 201-796-4041 (intn'l and local),

Premium Omega-3
After the Harvard School of Public Health published a study in April 2009, indicating omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is ranked as the sixth-highest killer among Americans, the worldwide market jumped to over $13 billion on omega-3 products (NBJ). Premium Ingredients offers omega-3 fatty acids in ethyl ester and triglyceride natural fish oils. Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to other functional benefits, such as cardiovascular health, and cognitive and eye health. Premium Ingredients International,

New Approach to Cardiovascular Health
ARTINIA is an innovative vegetarian ingredient that combines the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers. This patent-pending, new offering from Stratum Nutrition takes a natural approach to cardiovascular health. Designed to support clean, healthy arteries, ARTINIA supports the body's defense systems against the damaging effects of free radicals and oxidized LDL cholesterol. Stratum Nutrition,

Sweet Prebiotic
BeFlora Plus is a unique blend of oligofructose, fructose and Roxlor's proprietary sweetening system. There are currently two formulations in the BeFlora Plus line: BeFlora Plus F and BeFlora Plus 20x. BeFlora Plus F is 10 times as sweet as sugar, while BeFlora Plus 20x is 20 times sweeter than sugar. They are highly soluble, with excellent organoleptic properties. Besides being a sweetening system, they also provide health benefits from the prebiotic fiber and are low-glycemic. Roxlor LLC, NS