April 14/Philadelphia/Thomson Reuters World IP Today -- A recent Thomson Reuters World IP Today report found women are 14% more likely than men to select environmentally friendly packaging over conventional alternatives. 

According to the study, “World IP Today: Convenience vs. Conscience -- Food Packaging in the 21st Century,” men are more inclined to choose the most convenient packages over those that are environmentally friendly, and women tend to do the opposite.

The report showcases the state of the food and beverage packaging industry by looking across a number of information sources, including patents, trademarks, scientific literature, litigation data and more.

The study's findings show that convenient packaging is not just an indulgence, but reduces food waste, aids in portion control and makes food preparation easier for the elderly. The challenge is finding a way to serve convenience while offering consumers a believable way to make conscientious choices.

The Reuters poll of 1,011 adults found that while women are more likely than men to select environmentally friendly packaging, overall, people are fairly evenly split between conscience and convenience.

From the April 15, 2011,Prepared Foods' Daily News.