May 02/Los Angeles/Business Wire -- A new study commissioned by Avocados from Mexico revealed that one third of Californians already enjoy avocados for breakfast and an additional 53% would like to try avocados for breakfast because they are fresh and nutritious, add variety to breakfast and provide a heart-healthy alternative to saturated fats in butter and cheese. The survey polled adults, ages 18-64, in three states: California, Texas and Pennsylvania, and found 86% of Californians already consume avocados as part of their evening meal.

“Fresh and nutritious” was at the top of the list with 99% of Californians citing this as their motivation to enjoy avocados for breakfast. Ranked closely behind were “great taste” (98%), “adding variety to breakfast” (97%), a “heart-healthy alternative to saturated fat in butter and cheese” (92%). Rounding out the rest of the responses were that “other people in my home like the way they taste” (83%), avocados “help keep you full” (74%), they are a “good value” (75%) and, lastly, avocados are a good “alternative to dairy products” (40%).

Always experimental, Californians report a wide range of ways they already enjoy avocados for breakfast, including:

  • With eggs (80%)
  • Inside a wrap, burrito or breakfast sandwich (65%)
  • On bread, toast or a bagel (53%)
  • On a tortilla (51%)
  • Pure, by itself (46%)
  • On a cracker (16%)
  • In a smoothie (11%)

Health-related messages came up at the top of reasons why Californians would increase avocado consumption at breakfast, which include:

  • Avocados are a heart-healthy alternative to the saturated fat in butter and cheese (76%)
  • There are fast and easy recipes for how to use avocados for breakfast (71%)
  • Avocados are fresh and nutritious (76%)
  • Avocados have zero cholesterol (69%)
  • Avocados are a healthy alternative to dairy products (67%)
  • Avocados are filling (60%)

The online survey was administered by independent research firm Koski Research in March 2011. The survey was administered to a representative sample of 400 people who have purchased avocados to eat at home in the past three months in each of the states of California, Texas and Pennsylvania. The margin of error for the sample in each state was +/-5%.

From the May 3, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.