May 17/Qufu, China, Iselin, N.J. and Zug, Switzerland/Marketwire -- Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc., Domino Foods Inc. and WILD Flavors GmbH have entered into an collaboration agreement to support the food and beverage industry by offering all-natural sweeteners made from all-natural products such as cane sugar, rice, malt and stevia. The three companies have agreed to partner in “an unprecedented fashion” to focus their company's efforts to introduce a wide range of all-natural, low-calorie and no calorie sweetening solutions that contain Sunwin Stevia™. These sweeteners can include “both natural and artificial sweeteners plus sophisticated flavor modifiers based on the needs and demands of specific customers.”

Laiwang Zhang, chairman of Sunwin International, stated, "Two years ago, we created a partnership with the greatest flavor innovation company in the world in WILD Flavors. Now we are collaborating with the most recognized leader in the sugar industry in Domino Sugar. Through quality, innovation and teamwork, our three companies will create great tasting, all natural, sweetener solutions for consumer product companies who are focused on satisfying the latest consumer trends. We are excited about the future opportunities we will encounter together."

"With our strength and breadth in natural sweeteners, we are very excited about the opportunity to create new blends and offer the healthy benefits of stevia to consumers," stated Mr. Brian F. O'Malley, president and chief executive officer of Domino Sugar. "As we continue to focus on our customers' demands to provide competitive and natural solutions for their sweetener solutions, Sunwin International and WILD Flavors are the perfect partners and leaders in the stevia industry, as well as innovators in the use of stevia with other ingredients to create great tasting food and beverages."

Michael Ponder, global chief executive officer of WILD Flavors GmbH, commented, "With Domino Foods and its affiliates as suppliers of sugar and sweetening systems, WILD, Domino and Sunwin will benefit from the systems' approach to drive the growth of the stevia market meeting the consumers' growing interest for calorie reduction and 'naturalness.' WILD has invested substantial time and technical efforts for several years to develop proprietary taste modification technologies for stevia, sugar, and artificial sweeteners, and looks forward to working with Domino and Sunwin for mutual worldwide opportunities for our companies and customers."


From the May 17, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.