November 21/Melville, N.Y./ – The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Oct. 12 estimated 2011 U.S. peanut production at 3,628 million lbs, down 13% from 4,157 million lbs last year. Peanut butter manufacturers have announced price increases this year, because of the rising cost of peanuts.

Nut flavorings from Comax Flavors may help food manufacturers save on costs, according to the company. Peanut and pecan flavors may be used in applications like baked goods, confectionery items, beverages and dairy products. The flavors are offered as natural or artificial, oil- or water-soluble, and with varieties containing the named ingredient as well as those that are allergen-free.

From the November 22, 2011, Prepared Foods’ Daily News