January 2012/Prepared Foods -- Trend #7, “The Role of the Male Shopper,” emphasizes dad’s increasing role as food shopper and nutrition decision-maker in today’s modern family. A survey of 1,000 professional fathers from Fortune 500 companies in four different industries reveals that today’s dads associate being good fathers with being more than just breadwinners. They strive to be engaged parents, as well as successful professionals. This creates certain conflicts, but also opens up a world of marketing opportunities geared toward this growing food-shopping population. Trend #8 focuses on “Xtreme Home Cooking”—i.e., a predicted slow-down at foodservice establishments and an increase in everyday cooks who “pride themselves on making the most for the least.” The Report advises to be on the lookout for people who form “food groups” just to cook together—with a primary focus on cost, and eating and storing leftovers in bulk. In foodservice, a new definition of the “value meal” could mean quantity discounts at fast food or other venues that offer sizable discounts for large numbers of diners. For more, visit  www.supermarketguru.compf  
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