February 2012/Prepared Foods -- Butter Buds Food Ingredients has been selected to participate in The Profitable Sustainability Initiative of Wisconsin. The Racine-based company is one of thirty state manufacturers selected for this program. The Initiative was developed to demonstrate the wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits that can be realized by small and mid-size manufacturers through the implementation of sustainable business practices. Butter Buds Food Ingredients manufactures a wide array of natural dairy concentrates under the Butter Buds brand. Along with concentrated forms of butter, cream and cheese, Butter Buds offers such innovative concentrates as Butter Buds-Bacon, Olive Oil Buds, CocoaButter Buds and Dried Beer Extract. Most of these products are kosher- and halal-certified and all-natural. The company also recently added parve certification to its capabilities. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, www.bbuds.compf