An ancient healing tea is one of the latest beverage launches in the U.S. marketplace. Numi Organic Tea is adding a line of Pu-erh teas with such flavors as coconut, cardamom, basil mint, jasmine and ginger.    




Pu-erh tea is picked from 500-year-old organic wild tea trees in Yunnan, China, and must undergo a 60-day fermentation process, which leaves it with a bold flavor and hints of malt, as well as an abundance of antioxidants.

According to Numi Organic, studies in China and France have proven Pu-erh can reduce cholesterol, improve digestion and metabolism, and reportedly, it can support and aid healthy weight loss.
The Numi tea is far from the only blended tea making its way onto store shelves, however, nor is it the only new line incorporating such flavors as jasmine and mint. Sokenbicha has added a new flavor of its namesake Japanese blended tea. Replenish features organic green tea and jasmine flower, rose hips, ginseng and ginger, as well as the flavors of mint and pear, plus aloe.