June 20/Burlington, Vt. -- Ben & Jerry's has launched a new line of Greek Frozen Yogurts. Inspired by the popularity of thick and creamy Greek Yogurt, Ben & Jerry's has rolled out its Greek Frozen Yogurt across the country. "It's yogurt done the Ben & Jerry's way, which results in a great tasting product first and foremost," said Paul Szalkucki, director of the company's Research and Development team. "As things heat up around the country, this is the perfect refreshing treat with a whole lotta taste."

The four new pint flavors of Greek Frozen Yogurt include: Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt with Shortbread Pieces Raspberry Fudge Chunk: Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt with Fudge Chunks Banana Peanut Butter: Banana Greek Frozen Yogurt with Peanut Butter Swirls Blueberry Vanilla Graham: Blueberry & Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt with Graham Cracker Swirls.

In addition to the new line, Ben & Jerry's rolled out another ice cream flavor, one squarely aimed at choc-aholics. Chocolate Therapy, a Scoop Shop favorite of Ben & Jerry's has earned its way onto supermarket shelves across the country. "Chocolate Therapy has been heralded as one of the best Ben & Jerry's chocolate flavors ever according to our Scoop Shop owners," said Jostein Solheim -- the ice cream maker's CEO. "When I scooped this flavor to our fans on Free Cone Day, I noticed a distinctively different look in their eye, especially for people who are serious about getting their chocolate fix," he added.

 From the June 22, 2012, Prepared Foods Product of the Day