August 18/Buffalo/ -- Buffalo Blends, a food and beverage manufacturer with headquarters in Buffalo, announced that the company is rebranding itself as Tipton Mills. The rebranding effort started at the June Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC, and will gradually continue through 2013.

“Tipton Mills received a favorable introduction at the Fancy Food Show,” explained Tim Sheehy, company president. Buffalo Blends purchased the Tipton Mills plant in Columbus, Indiana, in 2009 to expand operations and provide better support to clients based in the midwestern, southern, and western United States. Sheehy went on to say, “Buffalo Blends will remain the company’s parent name. However, we started this Tipton rebranding effort to be sure our name and image accurately reflect what we do nationally in the marketplace.”

Initially, the only difference current customers will notice is that the Buffalo Blends website will be forwarded automatically to the Tipton Mills website at, which is currently being updated. Buffalo Blends email addresses will also be forwarded automatically to Tipton Mills email addresses.

The company is in the process of developing food and drinks with the Tipton Mills name. The company will be represented at trade shows and in all marketing materials as Tipton Mills. The Buffalo, N.Y., and Columbus, Ind., plants will also continue their research and development efforts to formulate new recipes for food and drink distributors.