Paramount Farms has announced the addition of Wonderful Almonds to its Wonderful Pistachios line of health snacks, debuting in three varieties: Roasted & Salted, Natural Raw and Roasted No Salt.


A study has related the consumption of almonds with weight management; in fact, a Journal of the American College of Nutrition study found people who routinely consumed 0.25oz of nuts each day (six almonds or so) had 4lbs lower mean body weight and a 0.8-in smaller waist circumference than non-tree nut eaters.

As Marc Seguin, vice president of marketing, North America, for Paramount Farms, notes, “Our research shows that 70% of Wonderful Pistachios’ purchasers also buy almonds, so it was a natural next step to introduce almonds under the hugely successful Wonderful halo, providing consumers with the option to purchase almonds from a brand they already trust.”