Kettle-cooked potato chips are one of those everything-old-is-new-again kind of trends. Kettle cooking is by no means a new notion; however, more and more kettle-cooked potato chips are making their way to markets around the country. 


The latest is from Boulder Canyon Natural Foods, whose Canyon Cut varieties are ridged and available in such flavors as Totally Natural (a.k.a., original), Sour Cream & Chives and Honey Barbeque. Setting these chips apart is the kettle-cooking method, unlike the traditional, continuous-cook frying of most ridged chips. The company notes the kettle-cooking method also provides “a natural reduction of the amount of fat per serving”—about 30% less fat per serving compared to traditional chips. The line features only natural ingredients and contains no trans fats, cholesterol or monosodium glutamate.