Pepsi Special fat blocking beverage

November 2 and 7/Tokyo -- Pepsi Special, a drink deemed by the Japanese government as a “food for specified health uses,” is Pepsi Japan’s newest addition to its soft drink line. The dextrin found in this version Pepsi reportedly helps to block fat, by impairing absorption.

Pepsi and Suntory have reportedly collaborated to rid Pepsi Special of dextrin aftertaste while still containing that “refreshing Pepsi finish.” The new beverage launches on November 13 in Japan at a price of ¥150 ($1.87) per bottle.

Pepsi Japan is also launching a new clear cola drink just in time for the holidays. Pepsi White is tangerine-flavored and boasts a packaging designed with colorful snowmen. The drink will be available on December11 and sell for 140 yen ($1.70). Pepsi Japan first launched Pepsi White in 2008, which was a Pepsi and yogurt-flavored beverage.  The company has also launched Shiso, Blue and Ice Cucumber flavors in the past.