October 8/Oslo/Press Release -- Hofseth Biocare ASA (HBC) completed its generally recognized as safe (GRAS) self-affirmation approval for its Salmon Protein Hydrolysate specially designed for human nutrition, ProGo.

Hofseth Biocare ASA has developed a separation technology to isolate whole body salmon protein into a fine powder form at high purity levels. ProGo, the company notes, is the first significant hydrolysate from salmon to obtain GRAS status and successfully addresses increasing world protein demand for human nutrition.

HBC also claims to be the first company to build the commercial capacity needed to yield a market-relevant volume of this protein hydrolysate for global human nutrition needs and notes ProGo’s sensory and functional characteristics make it an easy ingredient to work with, unlike other highly hydrolyzed protein sources on the market.

A committee of independent experts critically reviewed efficacy and toxicity data for  ProGo.  The committee found ProGo matches the highest quality standard for a protein hydrolysate and concluded that its use should be generally recognized as safe.  ProGo's self-affirmed GRAS status sets the stage for a new standard in protein hydrolysates derived from fish destined for human consumption.

Lucas Altepost, Hofseth Biocare's executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, stated, “GRAS designation resonates strongly in this industry and establishes HBC as an industry leader in being the first to introduce protein hydrolysate isolates derived from fish into the human nutrition market."